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             : a blend of additives that provides cement slurries with linear fluid loss control and zero free water, dispersion, and right angle set property. Can be pre-hydrated into the mix water or dry blended.  Cement slurry systems with SFL-1 maintain a full hydrostatic load with constant low consistency up until the RAS set transition that is very predictable and easily tailored.  A unique feature of SFL-1 is the ability to exhibit the RAS property at low temperatures and the early on-set of an extremely hard and impermeable filter cake. For remedial cementing, slurry properties are easily optimized in the field for changing conditions or squeezing multiple intervals.  SFL-1 has been field proven with documented case studies available for applications such as: remedial squeeze work for the intent of porous isolation and gas migration repair, circulation squeezes, and isolation of fractured low pressure formations.


                                                : A versatile slurry with a density of 1600 kg/m3 designed to cover a wide range of well types from shallow gas to horizontal monobores. This slurry exhibits early compressive strength development, corrosion resistance, excellent rheology, and bulk expansion. Combined with Stingray’s SFLA-2 fluid loss additive provides a slurry with low fluid loss and moderate gas migration control. Stingcem-lite is also available in a density of 1450 kg/m3 to be run as a lead or fill slurry.


                                                         : A thermal slurry with a density of 1800 kg/m3 designed specifically for Oil Sands Delineation programs with the intent of mitigating the issues of gas migration and SCVF from shallow low temperature formations common in oil sands deposits. 40% BWOC silica flour has been added to give the slurry stability and prevent strength retrogression in the extreme temperatures experienced in thermal recovery fields. Stingcem ThermalRAS is a low fluid loss slurry that exhibits bulk expansion and a right angle set property at low temperatures.  The slurry maintains a full hydrostatic load with constant low consistency up until the RAS set transition at which time develops a low permeability matrix rapidly to prevent gas intrusion and migration. The properties of low fluid loss, bulk expansion, and RAS exhibited at low temperatures, provides the ideal slurry for combating gas migration and SCVF issues that are being experienced on Oil Sands Delineation projects.


Stingray Well Solutions supplies it's customers with a full line of chemical additives and blends including our own unique products, designed specifically for solving issues in Western Canada. This product line has been designed in conjunction with third party service providers with a proven track record, having designed product lines and blends for some of the major cementing service companies . We are able to offer a high quality, field proven solution to gas migration (both in primary and remedial cementing applications), regardless of BHST. We are a forward looking company and are continually conducting R&D to develop new products and methods in an effort to provide our clients with economic benefits and honest solutions to their cementing issues. We have also completed testing on a ground breaking thermal blend designed specifically for the oil sands producers and their delineation programs. Our team is well versed in the unique challenges of drilling delineation/observation wells with  low BHST and shallow gas formations to contend with and have blueprinted a new solution.

Stingray follows API testing procedures and offers the following tests: Compressive strength (HPHT UCA), Thickening times (Pressurized consistometer), Fluid loss, Free water (verticle and high angle), Rheology and mix water analysis.



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Fluid loss


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StingCem-lite 1600
StingCem ThermalRAS

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