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Equipment - Pumpers
Stingray cement pumper, single cementers
Remedial, cement squeeze, abandonment stingray
  • ​​Units 1001, 1002 & 1003

  • 2013 and 2014 Peterbilt cab/chassis with 500hp

  • State of the art RCM (recirculating cement mixer) system into a 1.6m3 averaging slurry tub.

  • 300hp Cat engine powering all the hydraulics. We are able to maintain maximum mix energy while using a significantly reduced downhole pump rate.

  • Units are equipped with full data acquisition packages. Customers can watch all pumping parameters from the ground via a remote laptop and all job data is printed off in graph form.


Stinray, single cement pumper, cementers, cementing
abandonment cementing, cementers, stingray remedial
  • Maximum working pressure of 43MPa with 4.5" plungers, max pressure of 70 Mpa with our 3" set-up.

  • For low feed rate remedial work we have three units with slow rate pumps, capable down to 5 l/min and 21000kpa. These pumps are attached to the cement pumpers and controlled from the cabin, they are also tied into the data acquisition system for real time display and printout.

  • Stingray's units have been field proven down to 80 l/min mixing on the fly with excellent density control, very handy for circulation type squeeze work.

  • Units are able to mix up to a density of 2000 kg/m3 with a max mixing rate of 1.2 m3/min.

Unit 1004 - Big Boy

The Stingray Well Solutions trailer mounted Super Single cement pumper has been designed and
engineered to  provide ultimate levels of performance, functionality and adaptability for all remedial and abandonment cementing applications.  This unit features a large deck engine to run the triplex down hole pump and is complimented with a Cat C7 auxiliary motor to run the hydraulics. This combination allows full mixing energy to be delivered to the slurry even while mixing cement on the fly at rates as low as 65L/min.

There are 2 key features that truly set this unit apart from the competition and allow it outperform in a wide and/or changing variety of circumstances and well conditions.

  1. The addition of a chemical mixing hopper with dedicated centrifugal pump and plumbing system allows Stingray to effectively and efficiently pre-hydrate the required additives into the mix water, on the fly. This accomplishes two things;

    1. it provides a significant amount of mix energy, ensuring the additives are fully hydrated into the water

    2. Because all the required additives are added to the mix water and not blended the customer is able to change the blend or slurry volumes on location should well conditions change

  2. All Stingray pumpers come with a slow rate pump integrated onto the unit. This pump is capable up to 21Mpa at rates from 5L/min to 20L/min.

 Equipment Capabilities

  • Slurry mixing rates from 65L/min to 1000L/min

  • Triplex pumping rates from 55L/min to 1200l/min

  • Triplex max pump pressure 70Mpa

  • Slow rate pumping rates from 5L/min to 20L/min

  • Slow rate max pump pressure 21Mpa

  • Pre-hydrate chemicals on the fly

16m3 Batch Mixer

Our batch mixer is equipped with 2 8m3 tanks, 2 5x6 centrifugal mix pumps and hydraulic agitators. This unit is perfect for critical remedial cement jobs where there can be no compromise on cement density and blend consistency. 

Stingray well solutions,well service, cementer, cementing, abandonment, cement squeeze
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