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About Us

Stingray Well Solutions is a primary and remedial cementing company servicing Western Canada. The company is committed to providing customers with a premier service by utilizing industry leading equipment, highly trained & experienced personnel, and quality products. It is our belief that all of these components are necessary for the proper design and execution of a cementing operation. Since beginning operations in January of 2013, Stingray has gained valuable customer references that support our commitment to safety, performance, and service.


​Stingray Well Solutions believes that our people are our single most important resource. Our commitment is to our employees safety and to those whom we work with. Management and employees of Stingray Well Solutions have developed a set of shared beliefs which support our safety vision of Nobody Gets Hurt. Stingray maintains a safe work environment for all employees, visitors, contractors, and the public. The company remains in compliance with all applicable health, safety, and environmental legislation.

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